A unified calendar for a coherent Bahá’í life

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This is a Bahá’í Calendar app for personal and professional time-management, planning and reference. It uses your existing calendars accounts, like Apple / iCloud, iCal, Google, Outlook etc.., so all events also appear on any Mac, PC or other device that use the same accounts. The Badí (Bahá’í) calendar is shown with the Gregorian calendar, or the calendar from your region, culture or country (through settings). This makes it easy to unite the routines and spirit of a Bahá’í daily life, with the daily planning and scheduling requirements of work, school and social life in general.

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Bahá’í holydays (with local times), periods and feasts are clearly marked with colors and text. Graphical elements and coloring are used as educational elements to indicate sunset and seasons (each have their specified color).

The 4 seasons goes like a colored thread through the year, according to the “Badí calendar” which is the name of this unique solar calendar system: 3 white spring- months, 4 yellow summer-months, 6 green autumn-months, and 6 red winter-months.

Events added and edited in the Bahá’í Calendar app is part of the general system of notifications, meetings-invitations, Siri-control, maps etc. This app may thus accompany or even replace the built in calendar.

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How to support development:

This app will never contain ads, require an account or collect your personal data, but it still takes months of dedicated development to create a professional-grade solution. By purchasing it, you not only get it for your own use, but also support and enable further development (see plans below).


  • Displays the system-date, in any calendar-system, alongside the Bahá’í date for a unified use
  • Each calendar event is marked as a dot with the color of the calendar it belongs to (family, work, google, outlook…)
  • Search for events
  • Holydays, special periods and Nineteen Day Feasts are shown
  • Holydays with specified times are calculated according to local sunset times of that day, and daylight saving
  • Date-shifts and local sunrise/set times are calculated separately for each day, and thus follow natural seasonal variations
  • Settings allow dates to shift at 6 in the evening in the northern regions of the world
  • Seasons are illustrated with coloring, as given in the writings (3 x white, 4 x yellow, 6 x green, 6 x red)
  • The 1st day (19 days fest) in a new season is marked with the color of that season
  • Display the calendrical names in Arabic, English or System language (translations in progress)
  • Additional date-info is shown to make it easier to see which events belong to which Bahá’í and system-dates
  • Dates and holydays are strictly calculated according to the 50 years of dates published by The Universal House of Justice
  • Dates beyond year 172-220 displays only system dates
  • Works in both portrait and landscape
  • The app language is english for now, but date-formats are still local (translations are in progress)

The logo is created by the Norwegian photographer and designer Jens von Krogh, and represents the four seasons, with their colors and duration.

Plans and ideas for coming and future updates (in any order):

  • Year view
  • Week-view
  • Utilize the larger space of iPad and iPhone Plus screens
  • Translations
  • iOS 8+ Widget
  • Apple Watch
  • Show, add and edit events using the Bahá’í dates alongside system dates
  • Layout refinements and optimizations
  • Performance enhancements
  • More functionality and different ways to show the calendar, based on user feedback and devices/versions in use
  • …and more


  • The app works with all devices with iOS 7.1 or newer (holyday-times are not shown in iOS 7 yet)