Video about the Badí calendar

Enjoy this very nice video about the Badí calendar, by the National Assembly of the UK. It puts the Badí calendar system into perspectives of science, culture and religion very elegantly.The “Badí calendar” is the name of the calendar-system used in the Baha’i Faith. The Bahá’í Calendar app use the name “Bahá’í calendar”, as it also incorporates the holydays, feasts, others events and specification relating to the faith, in addition to the calendar itself.

I want to enrich the app with more information in this regard, as well as more details from the Badí calendar, such as day-of-moth names etc.. (as time and resources permits).

I’m very happy for the many great feedbacks on the app (as well as suggested enhancements), and hope you’ll find it a useful daily tool, and share it with others.

Badí calendar (YouTube)

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