Approaching 1 year of Badí Calendar — Lowered price :-)

The blessed and revigorating period of fasting is near, and then New Ruz is next — the first year of official and practical use (and getting a grip) of the Badí calendar system is soon completed.

I’ve decided to cut the price down to the lowest App Store “price-tier” now, so that hopefully even more people can benefit from this tool and reference, as we see the Bahá’í dates used more and more.

3 thoughts on “Approaching 1 year of Badí Calendar — Lowered price :-)

  1. Daniel

    Thank you for your work on this excellent app! And for the affordable price point.

    When I first used the app it displayed two ovals for the current day, which seems an elegant way of handling the period between the Bahá’í change of day at sunset and the system change of day at midnight. For the last few days, however, there has only been one oval. Is this the result of an update, or a setting I inadvertently changed?

    Can you please provide a reference for the duration of the seasons? Was not aware of this feature of the Badí calendar

    Again, thanks for your work!


    1. Schulz Media & Consulting Post author

      Thank you for encouraging and inspiring feedback! The missing oval is indeed a bug that must have occurred in relation to Ayyám-i-Há or Alá now (first calendar-year soon completed). I didn’t notice before you pointed it out now — thank you for informing me! 🙂

      Concerning the seasons, I don’t have any english reference unfortunately, but I heard it from a Persian friend in a speech on the Badí calendar: The color-details and durations of the seasons are from the Persian Bayan, and there is a French translation too, by Professor Nicolas (in 4 volumes). That Bayan has a full chapter on the calendar, and the system is presented in detail.

      Here’s my english translation of notes I made in Norwegian on this (so the terms might not be quite accurate… but colors/numbers are pretty clear at least):
      Each of the 4 represents the following elements: Writings, climatic season, being/spirit, gem and color:
      – Spring — 3 months: Fire, Verses, Heart, Diamond: White
      – Summer — 4 months: Air, Prayer, Spirit, Sapphire: Yellow
      – Fall — 6 months: Water, Interpretations, Soul, Emerald: Green
      – Winter — 6 months: Soil, Science, Inner body, Ruby: Red



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