New tool: “Populate calendar”


A new tool came was added with the previous update: “Populate calendar”.
With this tool the app can create events for all Bahá’í holydays, nineteenday fasts, the start of Ayyám-i-Há etc., into any of you calendar accounts (as configured on the iPhone).

15740773_1742916686027222_6893522783848289553_nIf e.g. you add the events to you work-calendar; you can see the holydays while planning meetings, and possible make it easier to take those days off. The events will of course also show up in all the places where you display you agenda, like “next events”, on an Apple Watch etc.. 

You can edit the events as you please (they are not tied to the app), and adjust the nineteenday fest’s address/location and time to match your local celebration, or event set an alert.All events are added according to the sunset-times and settings of your app and current location.

If you search for two roses, you will find all the Bahá’í events listed. See example screenshot from my shared family calendar, which I see both a work and in private. When I search for the roses on my Mac (see photo), I get all the dates listed.

Hope you’ll find this feature useful.



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