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New tool: “Populate calendar”


A new tool came was added with the previous update: “Populate calendar”.
With this tool the app can create events for all Bahá’í holydays, nineteenday fasts, the start of Ayyám-i-Há etc., into any of you calendar accounts (as configured on the iPhone).

15740773_1742916686027222_6893522783848289553_nIf e.g. you add the events to you work-calendar; you can see the holydays while planning meetings, and possible make it easier to take those days off. The events will of course also show up in all the places where you display you agenda, like “next events”, on an Apple Watch etc.. 

You can edit the events as you please (they are not tied to the app), and adjust the nineteenday fest’s address/location and time to match your local celebration, or event set an alert.All events are added according to the sunset-times and settings of your app and current location.

If you search for two roses, you will find all the Bahá’í events listed. See example screenshot from my shared family calendar, which I see both a work and in private. When I search for the roses on my Mac (see photo), I get all the dates listed.

Hope you’ll find this feature useful.



Happy Naw Ruz 173 B.E. !

The first year with the Badí calendar system in official use, is complete! I hope as many people as possible have become acquainted with it, through prints, the Chrome plugins, and of course through the app on their smart phones.

The Bahá’í community, and all friends engaged in it’s activities, moves towards a new level of maturity in it’s development for the next five years, through the guidance of the Universal House of Justice. These years are also historically very significant, and hopefully this app, and many other support-functions will mature and develop along the way, helping some cogs turn in this wonderful process towards a bright future for all mankind.

A very happy Naw Ruz 173 B.E., and all the best for comings years!


Happy joyous Ayyám-i-Há!

Happy joyous Ayyám-i-Há to all !

“…these days of giving that precede the season of restraint.
Bahá’u’lláh enjoined upon His followers to devote these days to feasting, rejoicing and charity.”

…and talking about the “season of restraint” — the fast: Remember that it starts on the Gregorian March 1st this year. Please spread the news… not all Bahá’ís know it yet.

Note that you can see the sunrise and sunset times of each day according to your current location, as you scroll through your events in the app. This makes it easy to plan according to breakfast and dinner-time — specially in the far north/south where the times change significantly during the fast.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 09.31.12

“Known as the Ayyám-i-Há (the Days of Há), the Intercalary Days have the distinction of being associated with “the letter Há”. The abjad numerical value of this Arabic letter is five, which corresponds to the potential number of intercalary days.”

The above quotes are from Bahá’u’lláh in The Kitab-i-Aqdas.

To kick-start the joyous season, check this post on Bahá’í Blog.


Approaching 1 year of Badí Calendar — Lowered price :-)

The blessed and revigorating period of fasting is near, and then New Ruz is next — the first year of official and practical use (and getting a grip) of the Badí calendar system is soon completed.

I’ve decided to cut the price down to the lowest App Store “price-tier” now, so that hopefully even more people can benefit from this tool and reference, as we see the Bahá’í dates used more and more.

Update 1.6: 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

3D Touch is now supported for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus (and newer):

  • Press hard on the icon to create a new event, without opening the app first.
  • You can now press (harder than “touch”) on a date to preview the list of events for that date — and then press a bit harder to open it.
  • You can do the same with single events: Preview it with a press — and then open it event with a harder press.
  • Swipe up while peeking an event to reveal available actions.


What it 3D Touch?

These fun 3D Touch techniques are called “peek and pop”, and you also feel the physical “pop”-response from the device. If you let go before the “pop”; it simply returns, so you can keep “peeking” until you find what you are looking for — and then “pop”. You can do similar things in many other apps too.

More on 3D Touch from Apple.

All working well ! Update available.

The problem with missing dates is now resolved in the latest update, and it’s on the App Store now.

I understand that many people in non-European time zones have experienced this, even for some months. I’m very grateful to the people who sent screenshots and reports to make me aware of it (see contact-info on App Store, on the Facebook page and Twitter).

I hope this will be a new fresh start for many users, and will focus on taking the app further in the months to come, as time and resources permits.

Thanks for using this app!