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Critical bug fix

Dear patient users in the U.S. and other time zones affected by the missing-dates bug. I have a fix ready! It’s already pushed to App Store, and should be released in less than a week (hopefully sooner).

I’m looking forward to focus on taking the app further now…

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 20.37.47.png

New update: iOS 9, event-locations and visual enhancements

A new update is on the way! You can now see the location of events in the event list.

I’ve also made use of the new and more readable San Fransisco font (iOS 9 only), as a well as other minor visual enhancements.

To prepare for some more significant future updates (week view, Apple Watch…), I’ve started rework of code to benefit from iOS 9.

Note: Future updates might be restricted to iOS 9 (but I’ll keep supporting iOS 7/8 as is, as long as possible/necessary — more info in the app on that).


Bahá’í Calendar app is not affected by the hacking-issue

I just want to inform that the Bahá’í Calendar app has been developed with the certified official Apple developer tools, and is not affected by the hacks described in the article below (where developer have used unofficial downloads of developer tools, and thus opened their apps for hacks). I hope both Apple and the developer community will learn a lesson from this.

More info here.

Search is now available — a new update is out!

Good news! You can now search for events in the Bahá’í Calendar. A new update is out.

What is your highest wish for a major version 2.0 update? What would it take for this to be your primary calendar app? I’m hoping to find time/resources to get to the “next level” by Naw-Rúz 173 🙂

Comment on this post, on Facebook, Twitter or by using the feedback mail-address (see App Store).

Search for events

Chinese, Indian, Ethiopic, Islamic and other calendar systems are now available. Version 1.4 is out!

Chinese, Indian, Ethiopic, Islamic and other calendar systems are now available through settings. Version 1.4 is out!

It’s actually pretty (geeky) fun just to play around with, and experience other perceptions of time/date reality 🙂

Is there anybody that can advice or help me to reach out in the Bahá’í communities around Asia, Africa and the Middle East? Mail me on the address: feedback at

iPhone 6 Plus settings

Use Chinese, Indian, Ethiopic, Islamic and other calendar systems!

Big news for people not using the Gregorian calendar

In version 1.4 (coming late august), you can now chose any of the available calendar-systems supported on iOS to display alongside the Bahá’í dates.

The months, events list and the date-converter will show the calendar system you choose, and the actual events will as before follow the system-settings on the device. Thus making the app usable for anybody around the world, regardless of culture or locality.

See the following example screenshots for a glimpse of how the months-view will look like with different settings:


Chinese cal setting

Chinese cal


Ethiopic setting

Ethiopic cal


Indian setting

Indian cal


Islamic setting Islamic cal


Persian setting Persian cal

Update with a cleaner look coming up

A small update with a bit cleaner look. Hopefully it makes it even easier to focus on events and content, and to follow either calendar system for different life situation 🙂

iPhone 6 Plus events

I’d be grateful if you leave a review to help others understand how you use this app in your daily life.

If you have problems (technical or usability), please report to, so I can hopefully address them in coming updates.

Good news for those places in the world using different calendar-systems than the Gregorian:

An upcoming update will allow you to select any iOS-supported calendar to display alongside the Badí calendar. It will look something like this… More on this in a separate post soon.

Indian setting