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Show a list of holydays and Nineteen Day Feasts

By simply disabling (deselecting) all under Calendars, you’r left with just the holydays and Nineteen Day Feasts, as these are inserted into the list regardless of any personal calendar-events.

A handy “feature” when you e.g. work on a list of community-activities or the like, and need an updated list of these days.

When all the red checkmarks are unchecked, you are left with a list similar to the one on the left.

Sunset and dates

Remember that each Bahá’í day ends and a new one begins at sunset. This is probable the most “reality-shaking” experience of the Badí calendar (Badí is the name of the calendar itself as revealed by the Báb).

An event that begins after sunset and ends before the next sunset; is on the same Bahá’í date. The same event will cross midnight and thus belong to two different dates in the system-calendar. The app therefore shows the system-date before each event, to easier see their relation in time

In context of a e.g. work-meeting, just look at the system-dates to follow the same reference as your colleagues… You’ll still notice the Bahá’í date, and gradually grow consciousness of it’s dates and progress as well.

Note: References to the “system-calendar” practically means the “Gregorian” calendar. But different calendars are in use around the world, so I therefore choose to refer to it as “system-calendar”.